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    • APPEAL ACCEPTED  Team Notes: Glock told me to approve the appeal, he said to learn your lesson from this.   Hey, @TruckCo2 Hello.   Your appeal has been accepted, and your warning will be taken away.   Have a good day.
    • Roblox Username: Truckco2 Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): aarongrey Your RP Name: Daniel Smith Warn issuing Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member):  390354168600330241 GlockOps Warning Reason: NLR Why I should have the warning Expunged: I will give whoever is reading a rundown of what happened. I called my friend in game he said he was at warehouses so I went there to see him, I then see him get killed (in roblox) so I started to drive away I then stop for the CHP officer pulling me over, The reason why I drove away was to to get away from the cop to then further explain the issue, the cop then shoots me. The reason I came back to the scene was to explain that I was not the criminal I understand that that was considered breaking NLR. (I thought the one time forgiveness was still a thing I realized it was not after.)  Time of Occurrence: 9/26/2023, 12:33:23  Additional members involved/witnessing: citron630 (my friend who got killed) I didnt get the other officers names. Read, understood, and followed warning appeal rules?: (Y/N)                 
    • Appeal Accepted    Hello. @boxpopbob   After reviewing the clips and other evidence provided It appears to be RDM, the user will be banned.   Thanks for the report. Have a good day.
    • Roblox Username: boxpopbob Discord Tag: boxpopbob Your RP Name: James Bradley   Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: Ivanbestpro Discord Username of the player you're reporting: im_bobuk   Give us an Incident Description: i was running away from the police in a bmw, all i did was flee, i didnt shoot anyonen i didnt pose any threat and he hopped out of his vehicle and shot me What rules / offences did the player break: RDM  How long do you think the player be punished for: 24 hour ban maybe? or a warn   Time of Occurrence: Tue Sep 26 13:54:09 2023 Additional members involved/witnessing: none unfortunately note: both players are bald 1695737041-uncappedmedaltvroblox20230926235606.mp4   1695737041-uncappedmedaltvroblox20230926235606.mp4   1695737041-uncappedmedaltvroblox20230926235606.mp4    
    • REPORT Accepted               Teams Notes:       Hello, @tomatilloed       Hello.       fortunately, after reviewing the relevant evidence I've moved to accept the report, with the ban time I've placed you on our One Strike Policy.     Have a nice day
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