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Other Assets (Textures, Models, Skins) for other games

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  1. Free
    Arma sr25 retexture

    Comes with:
    FDE Cerakote textured SR-25 
    Harris S-25C Bipod
    Surefire Socom 7.62MM Suppressor
    SR-25 7.62MM Mag
    62 0
  2. Free
    Some goofy ass table i made.
    2 0
  3. $5
    Modeled and Textured by snoopyseb
    Comes with: 
    Acs glock gun (server, client, and tool)
    0 0 0
  4. $2
    Mpu5 Modeled and textured by snoopyseb
    Comes with:
    Spiritus systems Mpu5 cover
    Three different antennas
    0 0 0
  5. $2
    Breaching Kit Modeled and textured by snoopyseb

    Comes with:
    Breach Pen + Breach Pen Case
    Saberex Breach Charge + Saberex Breach Charge Case
    Sledge Hammer + Cover/ Mount For Vest
    Breaching Shotgun Catch Mount
    Flashbang pouch
    0 0 0

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