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[$22] 2022 EV20 CHP Slicktop Charger 1.0.0


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About This File

--> Max Speed: 220+
--> Color-Changing paint (2 Colors PolarBear / B-W)
--> Apart of Insert System In-game
--> 4 Seats (Including Driveseat)

--> 3 Sirens + Horn + Manual (New 2022+ Whelen CHP Siren)
Ping me in General or Dm me if wanting to purchase or purchase on site! (You PING ME IN PREMIUM GENERAL me to receive the vehicle, otherwise you will not receive anything in-game!)


# Insert System is available to Platinum Users ONLY. You must have an ACTIVE Platinum Membership to use the Cars you purchase!

User Feedback


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Is it worth the price: No

Why ^: Because it has no difference to the in-game Charger that is free to use with gamepass or subscription.

What does it have that other cars dont: An evacuate siren and auto lights when turning on sirens.

What sirens it got: Wail, Yelp, and a hi-low evacuate alarm with a MAN (same audio as the wail) and a nice bullhorn.

Overall: 4/10

Response from the author:

The price is at $22 to reflect that it is infact different from the other chargers ingame, and that the Polarbear and Slicktop are valued as vehicles used by 'Supervisors'. If everyone was able to get one for free, then there is no point in using it. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarcity_value#:~:text=Rarity leads to a high,case of the bluefin tuna.

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Fast. nice sirens.

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Great job I love it just on the polor bear you cant see some graphic but otherwise its fine

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Great car but... Selling a vehicle mainly pointed on "Supervisor" isn't the best approach. I'd focus more on granting more features that users would like for example (More vehicle controls.)

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I absolutely love this car. The only thing I would change is I would make it faster. 


I think this is amazing that Supervisors actually require something now, not just saying it.

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