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  1. Optimization in V3, is 100% being improved and are going to improve the humanoid issue getting stuck in cars as cars now have actual collision groups and you can't clip into meshes no more. Reputation System will also in my opinion alone fix the RDM issues in general.
  2. this is stupid my brother just got me the plat **** and all you guys do is ban me because im 10. its ******* roblox you dont need to be over 13


  3. I can't play Perris, it says my account isnt eligible to play despite me doing everything i needed to do to sign up.Screenshot2023-08-26235128.png.aef06918fb86788ee351b4fd677fb702.png

    1. pokedigge900


      Hello are you currently using an alt account to play perris?

    2. BUCKYR0V


      Not really an alt account, i made it after my previous account got terminated. Old one was BUCKYR0V, new one is BUCKYR0V2

  4. Ash


  5. Ash

    New PC Parts

    Maybe I can run perris studio without bluescreening
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