Ban Appeal Accepted

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Jun 2, 2023
Roblox Username: Seafood234123
Discord Tag: Seafood234123#6230
Your RP Name: Matthew Atkinson

Ban Length: Permanent  @joanna

Ban Reason: NLR/RDM
Why I should be unbanned: Hello, I'm Seafood234123 my In-game character name is Matthew Atkinson. I'm appealing for my ban the reason is NLR/RDM on 3 people involving 4 people. I've been supporting Mountain Interactive since last year, and the game is so fun, i wanna play the game to have fun, and roleplay with other players, but this problem came yesterday, and got ban the victim consisting of 3 people sended a video about me killing them this is the only proof that they sent below was so nonsense for me, I got evict already with that proof, I feel so down when i look at the video, and for me it's lack of evidence, where is the video or proof that they killed me? and came back? why the video is cutted? and where is the proof that they RP'ing with me why it's cut 🚩 for me, and that video me killing them there is ways that can be happened, Like road rage on roads and came back and killed you, get onto argument with each other, fighting for parking lot, etc... if you know how to RP you will understand this things, you will act on RP and act like you are in real life, where is the proof that they killed Matthew Atkinson?????? cause you can't evict the player on NLR without any proof that they kill the player, and came back. THAT PROOF THAT THEY SEND IS MATTHEW ATKINSON KILLING THEM WHERE IS THE PROOF BEFORE THEY KILLED MATTHEW ATKINSON [MY INGAME PLAYER] sorry but the proof is nonsense.

Time of Occurrence: 6/2/2023, 10:54:18 AM
Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y)

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Appeal Accepted

You can hear someone in the video saying "Oh my god that's the dude", which clearly shows you had a prior interaction with them. However, as you said there is not really a way to determine that you died prior to this incident. 

Simple Admin is acting up, so give me a few hours to unban you.

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