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What is the best vehicle in Perris?

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I personally favorite the Sheriffs Office unmarked 20+ Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

Because of the way it turns and how strong the parking brake is,  it's not too strong or
too weak. Amazing performance under stressful conditions.


What Is Your Favorite Vehicle and Why?


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It was the Audi RS7 until it got nerfed 😭 She was treated badly by the people who bought her
Now it's the M8 Competition until my new M5 cs comes into game 😎 Thanks Ash


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Based on my experience driving both law enforcement and civil vehicles, I am able to say that I do not prefer cars based on the way they brake, accelerate, speed, etc., but rather on the look of the car. As I have been driving well in any vehicle, I have lost a lot of cops while they were in some known law enforcement vehicles, with a Van. However, based on exterior and interior looks, I would choose the Mercedes van and a couple of RACER's private inserts, including his old BMW manual.

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