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Appeal of ban for exploiting.

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Roblox Username: Unit5532
Discord Tag: Weatherball Red#5169
Your RP Name: Tom Brewer (I believe)


Ban Length: Forever
Banning Staff Member: mateen#5742

Ban Reason: Exploitation.
Why I should be unbanned: The remote event problem would probably be me lagging out. I was at a traffic stop waiting for a player to rejoin, while clicking the dome light a lot to try and turn it off, when I noticed I was experiencing ping over 1000 before the ban. I was using a cellular internet connection which may have been the reason. I have played this game before with no lag when the signal is good. My poor judgment would have been clicking the dome light a ton, for which I apologize. For the instant offline, my Roblox has been having a problem where the ping locks up and I immediately 277.

Time of Occurrence: 5/16/2023, 11:31:11 pm
Additional members involved/witnessing: No.

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y.

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Hi, Hello. 👋
You stated, quoting, "I was at a traffic stop waiting for a player to rejoin, while clicking the dome light a lot to try and turn it off,". There appears to be an issue as the objects (Dome Lights) in question, do not contain any remote events. 

I've attached three(3) items below to show that dome lights do not involve any remote events. You were most likely exploiting and were properly punished for such actions, Please do not use items in the game as a scape goat. 😁



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