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Ban Appeal for TK

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Posted (edited)

Roblox Username: ChiIIing_Gamer

Discord Tag: Chill#0111

Your RP Name: Connor Reed


Ban Length: 2 Days

Banning Staff Member :  @Vivid_Vision 

Ban Reason: Teamkilling 

Why I should be unbanned: The man who is taken for team killing isn't even me, his ID displays a different roleplay name than mine. To continue when he looks inside his computer the teamkiller has a warrant out for his arrest, and it shows his username: Franxx0023 at 1:56 in the video. Time of Occurrence: 5/17/23 at 2:59 AMAdditional members involved/witnessing: Video Capturer : Moca_Cafe1 (roblox username) Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes.

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Ban Removed


This is a very late response but after further evaluation I have determined that this was not you in the clips provided. 


I apologize for the inconvenience, the ban was removed from your moderation logs and you will no longer be held accountable for it.




Mountain Interactive



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