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Posted (edited)

Roblox Username: wyznaik21
Discord Tag: provi#3422
Your RP Name: Elijah Guzman


Rulebreaker roblox name: UhWestrn




Rulebreaker's discord: dont know


Give us an Incident Description: drove up to the gun store, got shot immediately after exiting the car (i had nothing on me)

also arrested my friend and gave him 1200 seconds in jail and had his friends shoot him

whitekn1ght left to avoid arrest/punishment


just generally being stupid


^ 3:15 in the clip when he gets shot


abusing my friend in prison


attempted rdm, got mollywhopped (also when whitekn1ght leaves)


What rules / offences did the player break: RDM, NITRP (pretty sure hes on police team just for guns), FRP, possibly trolling, and LTAA (2 did rdm, nitrp, and frp, other did the same things but also did ltaa)

How long do you think the player be punished for: 7 days at least, perm is best tho


Time of Occurrence: about 4:50 pm
Additional members involved/witnessing:

witness: xShadowExiled (passenger in my car)

people involved: WhiteKn1ghtofAmerica (guy in the white hat in the medal clip)

TheApocalypse_Sniper (maybe? his avatar matches the other officer in the medal clip)

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Good evening, your report has been accepted. The abovementioned players have been punished according to our administrative rules and guidelines. For more information, please see the #moderation channel in our Discord server. If you run into any more problems, please fill out another player report. Thank you for your time!




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