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Sever Ban Appeal

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Roblox Username: money_flow21
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001):  iShoot2kill#1626
Your RP Name: Tre Brown


Ban Length: Permenantly
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @jxqvz

Ban Reason: MRDM TK
Why I should be unbanned: I should get unbanned because this happen almost over a year ago and i was new to like the pc stuff and roleplaying and knowing the rules and about rdm and eveything now i understand thats not the way to roleplay and ive been playing fiveM and i got the ropes around roleplaying and having good scene's but im changed ive read over the rules and been roleplaying for a while now and i think im ready to be back inside this server and i understand all of the rules now i just was a younger and a crash out and stuff yk but now i apoligize for that. 

Time of Occurrence:  10/22/2022 
Additional members involved/witnessing: I dont even remember its been so long.
Yes ive read over the rules i promise not to do anything like that.

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